Download Mila NetWhistler 2.10 (Linux, *BSD) 09.18.2006 (Requires fping, Sun JRE 1.5 or higher)
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    To install the linux (self-extracting) file follow these instructions:
    1. At the terminal: Type:
    2. Enter the root password.
    3. Install Sun JRE and fping.
    4. Change the permission of the file you downloaded to be executable. Type:
      chmod a+x netwhistler2.10.bin
    5. Verify that you have permission to execute the file. Type:
      ls -l
    Make sure the installation file has executable permission
    6. Start the installation process.Type:

    Download Mila Netwhistler 2.10 Solaris pkg (sparc/x86). Pls install fping from blastwave
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    Download Mila Netwhistler 2.10 for OpenVMS
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    Download Mila NNM 1.0 beta - pyQT fork of Netwhistler (requires fping, python-Qt3, pysnmp)
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    Download netid 0.1 - small network discovery console utility in C language.
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    Download Nwdiscover - python network discovery script ( requires fping, pysnmp )
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    Old Mila versions:
    Download Mila NetWhistler 2.9 02.03.2006
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    Download Mila NetWhistler 2.9 (unsupported) for Windows 12.26.2005
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    Other stuff:


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