• [02.21.2008] Thierry Uso has ported NetWhistler 2.10 on OpenVMS Alpha and Itanium. OpenVMS port.
  • [05.22.2007] Solaris pkg for 2.10 version. Pls install fping from blastwave (to /opt/csw/sbin).
  • [02.09.2007] Netid - small network discovery tool.
  • [11.16.2006] Mila NNM 1.0beta release - python-qt3 fork of Netwhistler. Qt is more faster...
  • [09.18.2006] Web-console is returned.
  • [08.03.2006] Nwdiscover - Python network discovery script added.
  • [07.24.2006] Intermediate version 2.10. The firewall builder, Web console, and the ability to import and export the database were removed. Custom ping, mac-detect, and snmp-results scripts were added. Custom node types, logging were added.
  • [05.06.2006] Working on the new version, please send your wishes on
  • [12.09.2005] Version 2.9 released.
  • [12.02.2005] Beta release 2.9. The network map now can be constructed for various submaps.
  • [11.16.2005] Fixed bug in Node Status (SNMP interafces). Fixed package now available.
  • [11.09.2005] NetWhistler 2.8 release. GUI changes, monitoring and discovery now faster.
  • [10.27.2005] Map Tree panel added.
  • [10.18.2005] Version 2.7 Linux released. SNMP OIDs Monitoring, MRTG Console, Response Time Graph, new Web Console design, Status context menu and etc.
  • [09.23.2005] External commands, alert command, "SNMP Identify" in node context menu added.
  • [09.19.2005] Multiply selections allowed.
  • [09.15.2005] NetWhistler 2.6.6 Linux released.
    Xml real-time status, syslog console, vncviewer, web server, firewall builder added. Boxes now are movable. Fixed some bugs.



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